About Our Church

Prince of Peace is defined by its friendly, family-like qualities. When asked to describe Prince of Peace in a word or Phrase, members responded with phrases like: “friendly” and “like a small family.” Like any healthy family, the members of Prince of Peace demonstrate a love and concern for one another. Members shared personal testimonies to the love and support they have received from their fellow believers. That wonderful caring attitude extends to and includes your pastor and his family. That’s a real blessing!

Finally, Prince of Peace’s commitment to biblical truth is this congregation’s most treasured heritage. In a society that embraces tolerance, diversity, and denies objective truth, Prince of Peace has been built on the truth of God’s Word.

The lesson of history is to thank God for his blessings and build on those blessings, to appreciate your biblical heritage and do what is necessary to hand that heritage on to succeeding generation in a meaningful way.

A church’s history explains how it got to be what it is. In that history we see blessings for which to thank God for and strengths on which to build the future. Knowing our roots allows us to learn from the past and plan wisely for the future.

Keep the following question in mind when reviewing Howell Prince of Peace’s past:

“With God’s continued blessing, how big of a future do you want?”

Prince of Peace’s history is defined by several significant facts and characteristics. First, it is defined by its pastorates. Of your four previous resident pastors, three of them served for more than six years providing the congregation with relative stability. Only one pastor served less than four years. There were two longer vacancy periods, one lasting five months and the other seven months.

About our Pastor


Our Approach

Pastor Mark Franck

Pastor Franck was born and raised in Livingston, Montana. He left home to attend high school at Wisconsin Synod Lutheran called worker preparatory schools in Mobridge, South Dakota and Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

After graduating from high school in
1981, he attended the Wisconsin Synod's pastor training college, which was then called Northwestern College and was located in Watertown, Wisconsin.

After graduation from college in 1985, he attended Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Studies there included:
two years of classroom training, one year vicaring at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Delano, Minnesota, and a final year in the classroom.

Pastor Franck graduated from seminary in 1989 and was ordained into the public ministry.

Pastor Franck has served two congregations before coming to Prince of Peace. They are Messiah Lutheran Church of Nampa, Idaho and Redeemer Lutheran
Church of Yakima, Washington.

Pastor Franck and his wife, Allison have been blessed with five children:  Krystal, Julie, Lena, Marcos, and Gretchen. They look forward to God's continued blessings as they live and serve our Lord at Prince of Peace Ev. Lutheran Church.

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